Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yeah, I know

Yes, I will get back to my vacation but first a question that has been troubling me since I was in the washroom a few minutes ago. Why would someone go to a public washroom, wash their hands, pee and then leave? I mean doesn't the handwashing bit go last?

And I need to come up with a believable reason for the bump on my head. Why? Because the actual reason is well...I was going to say weird but perhaps not for me. I was in line at the drugstore when the would-be juggler in line behind me beaned me with a bottle of shampoo. Why? Because he was only a would-be juggler. If he'd been any good I'm sure those three bottles would have stayed in the air and not beaned anyone or knocked anything over. But he wasn't, and they didn't and I was beaned and things got knocked.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vacation - The Why.

So, let’s start at the beginning. The whole reason for the trip is that I was a present for my sister. My incredibly adorable brother-in-law (actually, incredibly funny; I spent the majority of my time out there laughing my head off. If laughter burned as many calories as running, I’d be thin as a licorice whip) flew me out there so I got a free trip to BC as a result of his Christmas present to her.

When he first emailed me about it last fall, he told me his plan and then asked if that would interest me. I’ve been thinking on and off ever since if there would ever be a time when the answer to that would be “no”. All I could come up with would be if A) one of my babies was graduating at the same time, B) one of the Hingstons was getting married at the same time or C) I already had a ticket to somewhere bought and paid for. And even then, I’d probably try to cash it* in and take the free trip. I replied yes without thinking of saying anything else. Not even for a second did I contemplate the whole thing. I sent a yes before he sent me an email saying he had changed his mind, and then I spent months thinking about my upcoming treat.

The one truly weird thing about being a present was trying to believe that the addition of me would be an enjoyable thing for someone. That instead of inviting myself out there and people thinking “what, her AGAIN?” they wanted me to be there. Weird, but I’m willing to work on believing it.

*The "it" here being the ticket, not my babies or the weddings. Just in case you were worried.


I was mainly without access to a computer (yes, they had one, but it was a Mac and clearly knew somehow that I was a PC user and blocked me at every turn) whislt I was away to I'm going to post things bit by bit. Or all at once, kinda depends on how things go!

First, update on hollow boy: he was pretty accurate on the milk amount. I left him with 10.5 litres, and came back to 1.5 remaining. A bit off on the juice - the carton was half full. He did eat everything else with the exception of a couple of pizza pockets and two burritos. I'm guessing that's because he apparently ate supper at his dads the whole time. Oh, and there was still some cereal left. Other than that, yes, he managed to eat/drink it all. And still remains skinny as a rake! He enjoyed his date with an older - and engaged - woman, and he DEFINITELY enjoyed having time in the house without all the chattering and early morning happiness that he has to deal with when the girl and I are home.

I myself missed him and the girl terribly. The puppies not so much. My sister and brother-in-law never need me to let them outside. Very relaxing.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Because I LIKE to

I'm going away on vacation. Feel free to try to rob the house, just keep in mind that of the people and pets still home one of them would love to tear you limb from limb and given the strength of her jaw (yes, part pit bull) you might want to pass on that. Apart from which, what would you really get? A TV with white lines on the screen all the time? An antique computer?

And here's the other thing: when I am on vacation, I like getting things to bring back for people at home. Why? Is it because I want y'all to have to bring me something? NO!! It is because that is part of the fun of being away. Even if all I'm bringing back is ham flavoured potato chips for Dennis. So lighten up and let me have my fun.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hollow Boy

This is a list of what my house/dog sitting son has asked for (very nicely, by the by) in order to last for the six days I'm gone. Actually five, the first day is the day I leave, so he's covered for that:
Deli sandwiches, four to six
12 pack of mini-pizzas
6 chocolate chip bagels
Bananas, and a new jar of Nutella
Loaf of bread, home made squishy white if possible.
12 Pack of Burritos
10 bucks for a Mondo Burrito at the local Mexican fast food place
3 dozen (or whatever one batch makes) chocolate chip cookies, preferably malted chocolate, but whatever I feel like doing
Large box of Vector cereal
1 Bag Bits and Bites
8 litres (!) milk
2 litres orange juice
6 pack of coke
Supper out once with a friend of mine
Permission to order pizza using a Christmas gift certificate

Monday, February 02, 2009

It ain't summer, buddy.

Ocasionally, if it is cold and I'm lazy (and one of those things is always true) I will leave my garbage can at the end of the driveway instead of hauling it to the top. I figure why spend all that energy hauling it over the snow on its little plastic wheels only to haul it back in a week.

Consequently, I frequently find that people have added things to it in the interim. Quite often it is bagged puppy poop. At a guess, because I've never actually checked to make sure. I'm ok with that - I'd rather people were scooping and tossing instead of letting their pets poop on my lawn for me to scoop up after them. Occasionally it is something more interesting, like a broken bike chain or an empty bottle of booze. Beer bottles end up there too, and again I'd prefer that to glass in my driveway. I even found an unopened six pack once too. Yes, I left it where it was.

Today is garbage day, and when I tossed a bag of garbage in before starting the car I noticed that there was something extra in the bin. Pants. Mens jeans, to be exact. I pulled them out. Not ripped, very long in the leg and average waist. I put them back in along with the bag I'd brought out but I sit here wondering under what circumstances - in MINUS C WEATHER - these pants came to rest in my garbage. If there are men somewhere taking off their jeans for no reason, I'd like to know about it. That should be public information or something.