Thursday, February 18, 2010

Zut Alors, it iz 'ere!

So, my parcel from Victoria's Secret arrived today. Dress is gorgeous. They described the colour as blackberry and I'm telling you that is exactly what it is. I've picked many a wild blackberry and I know what I'm talking about.

The two t-shirts are very...Victoria-y. Not in this sense. In this one.

No, not EXACTLY like that. It's just...well, I thought I was getting a regular person t-shirt. Nice summer wear. But the v neck of the thing. Sweet Saskatchewan Pineapple that thing dips. It's like they knew...EXACTLY...where my underpinnings ended. And the material clings like fuzz on a peach. Except over the tummy part which I didn't expect but was happy to see. It's not Empire, all loose and flowing, but it's not every-dimple-and-roll-showing tight either.

So I don't have two simple summer wear shirts, same style two colours. What I have are two very V.S. type tops with a curtained stage for the girls to be front and centre. Not that they're ever back and off side - although I've worked in nursing homes I'm sure that particular joy still aways me - it's just that there will be less looking at my face when I wear them that there might have been. Whether they'll ever get worn, outside, where other people can see...well, that may never happen. Ever.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pretty in Pink

Most of the time having little feet is a problem. Not an unsurmountable problem but a problem nevertheless.

For instance, if I want to buy some grown-up dress shoes, I end up spending lots of money and/or time. For the most part I just have to buy them a little big and then buy inserts. ‘Course, if I ever want patent leather Mary Janes I’d have it made in the shade.

Sometimes, though, I like buying kid stuff. F’rinstance: I wanted to get some comfortable billy boots for a trip to BC. The store I went to had some really cute daisy ones in the grown up section. Cute, but waaaay too big, even with inserts. So I went to the little girls section. Found some boots that were loose at size four but perfect at size three. And they’re pink! With polka dots! And I didn’t pay tax on them. Why not? Because they didn’t ask who they were for, that’s why. If they ask, I say yes, they’re for me, and I pay the tax. They don’t ask, I don’t tell. This balances out the fact that I’ve been paying tax on footwear for The Girl since she was ten or so. Seriously, her feet are huge. Or maybe mine are just stupidly small.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Why of it all.

I'm not going to tell you everything I got from V.S., but I can tell you why I got one of the things. The thing is, I bought a pair of boots. The type - or height - I've been looking for for decades. Oh sure, they're easy to find, just not easy to afford. But find some I did, my size, good price. So I bought them. And really, don't you think they need an outfit of their own? Don't they?

Not that much of a secret

So, I'll be single on Valentine's day. No biggie, really. But the normal temptation to deal with any potential whinging would be reading a book and scarfing chocolate fudge. Which sounds nice - great, even - but eating sweets right now would not be good. Not good at any time, I guess, but why ruin a healthy-eating streak now?

I've decided to deal with Valentines in advance. How? Buying something lingerie-like. "No surprise there", you think to yourselves. "She does that all the time". Well, yes, but you know what I've never done? Ordered something from Victoria's Secret. I can no longer say that, because I did. Just now. Thank you online shopping!

Monday, February 08, 2010

Thin Ice, Big Puppy, Thin Ice

Remember this?

I left for work one morning last week, and was very careful making sure there wasn't anything the puppies could eat. Not easy, because that means not only no garbage left behind, but nothing that resembles food. Doesn't have to actually BE food for Big Puppy to give it a try just in case.

Went off to work secure in the mistaken belief that all would be well when I got home. Oh the wrongness of it all.

When I reached the kitchen it was to discover that the floor was a sticky mess. Why? Because Big Puppy had been into the cupboard with the three level lazy susan. It's where I keep spices and various other things.

The cupboard door was open. Jars of various sizes were all over the floor, some open and spillied some still tightly closed. The cupboard was a mess of knocked over jars as well. And why did B.P. go to all the effort of opening the door and twirling the lazy susan around? Apparently so she could eat most of the bag of dark brown sugar, and pretty much all of the balck decorative sugar. That night and the next day she was as subdued as she's ever been. Stupid dog.

Turns out The Girl was right about the black sugar being deep dark green instead of black. How do I know this? Because I'm the one that walks the puppies and consequently does the scooping when there's pooping. Be thankful I didn't take pictures because I'd be posting them if I had.

Friday, February 05, 2010

I Can Sing A Rainbow

I have an idea for a new cookie recipe. For which I needed dried strawberries. Not freeze dried, just dried, like cranberries and cherries. I also needed durum semolina flour. I can buy it in a giant bag at one place, or a more reasonable amount at the same place that has strawberries. That place would be Bulk Barn (Thanks, J.D.!). I needed the semolina for this weekend, so I went yesterday. With a shopping list of two things: berries, flour. Easy, yes?

Well. I spent just over $70.00 (curse you J.D.!). I got the berries, and lots of semolina. I also got the yummy bones the dogs like (they claim they’re yummy, I don’t have any personal experience), really really dark brown sugar, white chocolate couverture, pecan meal, pecans, natural sliced almonds, Turkish Delight for The Boy, yeast, pepitas, parchment paper which, I should tell you, they sell for more than $2.00 less per roll than anywhere else I’ve purchased it, and instant sugar.

Most of this is stuff I need for various baking orders. I only went off track a little, really. Ok, maybe I didn’t need the bright pink decorative sugar crystals. Or the black ones (which are in reality a very dark green) but seriously…pink sugar! And black decorative sugar, how awesome is that? I think I showed a great deal of restraint in not buying decorative sugar in orange, sky blue, deep purple and lemon yellow. They had other colours, too, I think. Red, maybe? I don’t remember I was overwhelmed as it was with hot pink and greeny-black.

So over all I am glad that J.D. told me about Bulk Barn. Not just because they have good prices but because they have a lot of unusual dried fruits/flours/sugars/pulses. It’s up in the north end of the city, but worth checking out if you bake. Or snack – their selection of gummi things and salty things and sugary things was extensive. They’re just verboten, so I don’t look too closely at what they have.

I’ll let you know if the cookie idea was a good one or a terrible one. I may even be looking for tasters!

Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Ups & Downs

Had to spend money on a tow truck to get the car out of a snow bank*.

Car is fine, Boy is fine, just feeling a little guilty which is not a bad thing.

Working with one arm in a sling, and icing it at work and not being able to take pain killers because I'm at work.

No break, just ligament damage. So no cast, and apparently a broken elbow is a terrible break to get, so this is a really good up.

Arm won't feel fully useful for a month.

I have a month before I go visit The Wee Girl and The Wee Boy.

Down: I totally suck at choosing clothes.

Up: My friends rock at choosing clothes, and at choosing clothes on sale.

Down: I want to eat doughnuts. Thanks, Mayb.

Up: NOT eating doughnuts and exercising is starting to show a little bit in the mirror. The mirror that I had to look in to see if I liked the clothes The Girls had me try on. Which I did. Hooray for girlfriends!

Down: There are no other downs. None!

Up: See above. Surely it is an up that there are no other downs?

* The Boy and his friend tried getting it out Sunday night, when it went in. Yesterday The Boy and various other strong teenage boys tried pushing it out with me driving. Didn't budge. Even the tow truck driver said he had to give it quite a pull to get it out. So no, I didn't cave and call for a tow truck right off the bat. We did try other alternatives.