Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Stop with the Googly Eyes

We all get the occasional complement at work. Some more than others, I dare say, but enough that even I get one now and again. Which is good, yes? But here’s the thing: I came in yesterday, and Chip said I looked nice. (Thanks). That the jacket I had on was very nice (thanks). That it fit really well (umm, getting a bit much here). Honestly, it fits really well and the white lace thing (which was a tank top thing) was really pretty (way too much) and that it all fit really well. (Ack! Stop staring at my chest. Which, come to think of it, is really well hidden beneath various layers of clothing. Why is Chip staring at the girls? Why is it that whether I wear daring, decent or downright Victorian clothes, Ickythickears and Chip keep staring?You’d think I have the map to the Holy Grail tattooed somewhere on them. And I don’t, so don’t ask).

There. That’s my bit for today.

Monday, May 29, 2006

A Fun Time Part Two

We left Saskatoon and proceeded to North Battleford, which was new Saskatchewan territory for me, sort of. Years ago I went there on a business trip, but it was winter, dark when we got there and dark when we left. We were picking up records, and the only thing I remember is the waterslide. The hotel had a pool and slide, and I’d packed a suit (because you never know when you might need one, even in winter), so I went for a swim and a slide. There was a sign on the door to inquire at the front desk if you were interested in water sliding, so off to the front desk I dutifully went. I no longer remember the exact words, but the gist of the situation was the front desk clerk thought it was “unprofessional” of me to want to water slide on a business trip. I said I wasn’t planning on meeting clients in the pool, the business was done and I wanted to slide. I got a few more snarky remarks about what REAL business people are like, and in the end she turned the slide on for me. Silly woman. (her, not me!).

So…new territory. May-B, who was going to see Aunt Coral (I think I got that right. Maybe it was Pearl? One of the organic gems, at any rate) somewhere beyond North Battleford offered us an overnight spot at the Church camp where her grandmother was staying. This was great, way better than sleeping bags on a living room floor. There were beds, and showers and other people and everything. The kids had a great time, and A. even joined in a game of football and took in a church service which is quite a big step for him. He is an extrovert with people he knows, but is very shy when he doesn’t know anyone. M. and I stayed in with the dog whilst May-B and A. went to the service.

We got a tour of the place, which was interesting but it made me sad, too. This is the church camp (formerly many things, including an orphanage) that the Hingstons grew up with, and it was very much like the one from my childhood which closed its doors for good this year. I always intended to go back sometime, and now I can’t. Sigh. Such is life, things change and life continues.

We got up quite early, piled quietly into the car and headed to Lloydminster. Absolutely new territory for me, so I enjoyed the drive. It poured rain the whole time, though, which kind of sucked. We stopped for gas and breakfast in Lloydminster (on the Alberta side) and continued on to Edmonton. The kids continued to behave incredibly well. Not that they’re monsters, but I thought that a long trip with three people and one dog in a small car would be difficult. My bet was that they would sleep, or just listen to whatever they had on their Ipods. As it happened no one argued, we took turns with what music we all listened to, and it was fun. They switched places every now and again and visited with me when they were in the front. I could have made a movie teaching kids on the way to behave on a road trip.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

And a fun time was had by all.

I figure I’ll split the tale of the trip to Edmonton into several different posts. It was a short weekend, but we seemed to stuff a whole lot into it. I wouldn’t want you overwhelmed! No burning vacuums will appear in any of the posts. I promise.

Edmonton, Part One:
It occurred to me on Thursday that if there was any way I could split the trip in two (without a hotel bill) then perhaps I should do that. The original plan – which was affordable, but bordered on the insane –was to drive all morning on Saturday, and back all day Sunday, one night – the night of the wedding – in a hotel.

Seeing the inherent dangers of such a plan, I got in touch with the ever-kind famille Hingston, to see if Ky could spare us some living room floor on Friday night. That would make the trip to Edmonton shorter. B. responded with an offer to travel with her to North Battleford, and actual beds to sleep on at the Church camp in what used to be an orphanage. Travel in a convoy? You bet!

Friday morning I was up and cooking super early. The bread customers were going to have to go without on Saturday, but at least there would be some Ciabatta available on Friday for them. I thought I could get ready for the trip, bake, pack, deliver and still work most of Friday. Have I mentioned that I have momentary lapses in judgment? I did get the baking done and delivered, but it took until noon to get everything else ready: Lexi to the kennel – because I am not THAT crazy – dishes done, lawn mowed, clothes packed, mountains of antihistamine taken and packed (all three of us spent the first part of the trip sneezing until the drugs kicked in), shopping done, car gassed and oil checked, etc. travel money ready…you get the picture. You probably got it a while ago, yes?

We met up with B. and her puppies (for those of you that thought it was crazy to bring Jazz, keep this in mind: I had no where else I could possibly put him, and B. had three dogs with her. THREE!) shortly after two, and with cold drinks in hand headed out.

We stopped in Davidson for a puppy water break and stretch, and again at the Smitty’s on the highway just outside of Saskatoon. We fed and watered the dogs, and then headed into Smitty’s to get fed and watered ourselves. Onward to the Battlefords!

Monday, May 08, 2006

I need to get out more.

How do I know this? I know this because I just winked flirtatiously at the paper clip help guy on Outlook. That's why. Shut up.

It is all about the fish

great moments in history
see how three presidents answered the question "what was the best moment of your presidency?"to summarize:

Carter: the camp david negotiations

Clinton: the resolution of the kosovo crisis

Bush: that time i caught a big fish on my ranch

Thanks for the above to

"All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware." -Martin Buber

After months of not going anywhere, things are shaping up. On the May long weekend we (as in A. M. and I) are going to Edmonton for a wedding. This will be the first long trip I’ve done with my kids on my own since…well, since ever. Even for the trips to Cypress Hills and Madge Lake I had my sister with me. So – off on adventure for the three of us – all for one and one for all!

June sees me heading west again, but sans enfants. I am going to BC to visit my dad (in Sidney) and my sister (in Victoria). I am flying into Vancouver and taking the ferry to Sidney. A bit more complicated, but I love taking that route. I’ve met some interesting people and had some interesting adventures going from Vancouver to Schwartz Bay. Gone from a Saturday until the following Wednesday. I’m going to pack as many things into that time frame as I can. Suggestions welcome!

July will see the three of us in Cypress hills for a family reunion, and beyond that…who knows? Perhaps there is indeed a secret destination that I am unaware of. Life is sweet.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Not blue enough

No, I'm not sad. I'm referring to my hair, which I was going to turn blue, remember? I went with blue-black instead of blueberry. Big mistake. I wanted really blue hair, and this isn't it. Oh well, back to the drawing board. To design a hair modulator.

Can you keep a secret? So can I.

How do you determine if someone is discreet? Do you go by how well you know them, and take a chance, or to you tell them something, see if if gets floated about and decide by trial and error if they are blabbers or not?

The office I currently work in - like most places, I'm guessing - is a hotbed of gossip. My general modus operandi here is: don't say it if you don't want everyone to hear it at some point. And if you want it to spread quickly, preface what you say with "don't tell anyone, but..."