Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The List

Remember this? Well I'm done the book. Many of her books, actually, but I'm done with the one that required reading with a dictionary to hand.

So now you can look at the list. And I'm no longer worrying about how many of you know some or all of the words on the list. Because one thing I did get through my thick skull from this read: the world is full of wonderful words. I could read a novel a day until I'm ninety and not know them all, so I'll be content with knowing a fair amount of them. And here, for your reading (and perhaps gloating) pleasure is the list:

Jilt (yes, I know the word but I’ve never seen it used as a type of person, as in “she was such a jilt)
Ineluctable (I wasn’t sure I knew this word, turns out that my guess was right but since I wasn’t absolutely sure I’ve put it on the list anyway)


Anonymous said...

Wanna know the number of words on that list I know? Zero (unless "jilt" as a noun is pretty much the same as "jilt" the verb). I probably would have had even more words on the list if I'd read the book.

I think you should put the definitions, too, so that I can learn new words.

The Blog Fodder said...

Phagocyte I remember from physiology some 40+ years ago. Just don't ask me what a phage is. Something bad in the blood stream is the best I can do for it and phagocytes are good guys who destroy them.

The rest look interesting but no clue.

Thanks for the definition of Jilt as a noun.

Speaking of harlots, the Russian word for choir is khor which sounds so much like whore I can't even say it without cracking up.